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The first step to better water heater maintenance is knowing and understanding its different components. When you do so, you have a better grasp of what can go wrong and how you can prevent issues from developing.

As the go-to name for dependable water heater repair in San Francisco, CA. Sugar Bear Home Services Company has had years of experience in addressing various water heater issues. Below, we discuss the vital components of you water heater to help you better understand how it works.

The Tank

Made of durable, heavy-duty metal, water heater tanks can generally hold anywhere from 40-60 gallons of water. Thanks to heavy insulation, the inside can cater to any household’s hot water needs. The advent of the tankless water heater though has seen a diminished popularity of tanked models.

The Valves

The valves are the temperature-pressure relief valve, cold water shut-off valve, and drain valve. The temperature-pressure relief valve regulates the amount of pressure in the tank. The cold water shut-off valve cuts off the water supply to the tank, especially when carrying out water heater maintenance and repairs. The drain valve is found at the base of the tank and is opened several times a year to release sludge or sediment buildup.

The Anode Rod

Your water heater tanks are usually lined with steel, making them prone to corrosion. Sacrificial anode rods are placed during water heater installation procedures to prevent that. A standard water tank has about two of them. Magnesium rods are ideal for soft water supply. For hard water, you need aluminum rods. You need to replace these rods several times a year to increase your heater’s lifespan.

The Thermostat

It’s important to have control over the water’s temperature so you should never ignore the thermostat during maintenance. It works to regulate the water temperature in your home. A faulty thermostat could lead to accidental and severe burns. Always check the thermostat’s condition during routine maintenance or water heater replacement procedures.

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