Sump Pump Services

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, your home is probably equipped with a sump pump. If you’ve ever cleaned up the mess from a flooded basement or had water damage items you know just how important a sump pump can be in preventing problems in the home. While sump pumps are not often used, they need to be functioning well when they are needed.

Even in a dry climate, having a sump pump is important to ward off damage from the occasional soaking rainstorm or rapid snowmelt. Before the spring thaw and the beginning of the rainy season, have your sump pump inspected and serviced.

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Why you need your sump pump maintained and services regularly?

The sole purpose of a sump pump is to keep excess groundwater out of your basement and away from your home’s foundation. A sump pump is installed at the lowest point of a home’s basement or crawl space, where there is most likely to be groundwater. The presence of water triggers the sump pump’s motor so that it can push the water out of the home through a drainage pipe that empties the home’s foundation.

A sump pump in dilapidation won’t divert the water, so the excess water may wind up in the home or flood the basement. An ineffective and damaged water pump causes extensive repair needs throughout the home.

If you’re concerned about your sump pump’s effectiveness, a plumbing professional can come and inspect it or tell you about the latest replacement models. Even when the power is cut off, most new pumps are designed to work, so your belongings are safe no matter what. A professional will also do an inspection of the pipes connected to the sump pump. They will fix or replace any pipes that are leaking to guarantee your home’s establishment has protection even in the heaviest of storms.

Don’t wait until a major storm is in the forecast to worry about having your sump pump serviced. There’s no time like the present to have your sump pump inspected and serviced. You’ll rest easier in the face of an advancing storm if you know that your sump pump is up to the challenge. Having a trustworthy sump pump is definitely the most important thing since that’s essential when it comes to your house protection when the water levels go up.

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What are the signs you need a sump pump service?

When you have standing water in your crawlspace this is a huge cause for concern. This pool of water may have been caused by a leaky or burst pipe. If these were ruled out, however, it might be time to check the sump pump. When a sump pump is malfunctioning, instead of draining excess water away, it can allow water to seep into the cracks of the home’s foundation and walls.

Another way by which you can see if there is a moisture problem in your basement is to place square pieces there that are sized two feet and see if any water condenses under it after some days.

You may need to install multiple squares in the area considering the basement size or crawling space. If there is water that forms under the plastic squares then this confirms that you have a moisture problem. This may be a red flag that your sump pump requires service.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Homeowners should perform regular checks on their sump pumps to ensure that everything is running smoothly. The first thing to check on an electric sump pump is that it’s plugged in and the wires are in good condition. Next, the homeowner can fully remove the submersible pump, and clear out any rocks or debris that might have accumulated on the grate. Make sure when you put the pump back in a place that it’s completely upright so that the float arm will be activated when the water rises.

Pouring a bucket to the pit where the sump pump lies is an effective way to test its power and reaction speed. If you see that the water is being drained so slowly this means that it needs to be serviced. Once the pit is drained, all of the drainage pipes ought to be inspected for leakage and repaired as necessary.

Additionally, the discharge pipe should be cleared from any kind of debris or obstruction. It is important to also make sure backup systems, like a battery or water-powered pumps, are also serviced and ready to go.