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Since its inception, the process of trenchless pipe lining has been plagued by widespread misinformation. Some of these concerns about the technology’s reliability and safety hinder people from adopting it, despite the potential benefits to their aging pipeline systems.

Being the go-to company for trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA, Sugar Bear Home Services has certainly come across many myths about trenchless pipe lining. Here, we will discuss and debunk the most common misconceptions about it.

It's An Expensive Service

You should receive an estimate from your contracted plumbing company before deciding whether or not to go through with trenchless pipe repair. Even if the costs seem initially high, rest assured that it is an investment worth making. This is because trenchless repair methods cut back on resources dedicated to labor, excavation, and reconstruction.

It Isn't Applicable To Old Pipes

Even though most people believe otherwise, trenchless pipe lining is just as effective on older pipes. As long as the pipe has not been fully corroded, the trenchless method of pipe lining technique is very much viable and can be utilized to repair it.

It Is Not A Long-term Solution

Most people are skeptical that the trenchless method of pipe lining will last. They worry that the reconstructed pipes will not hold up for long if these methods are used. In truth, trenchless pipe lining is a high-quality and long-lasting solution. The method employs malleable materials that, once cured, solidify. It is so dependable that there will be no need to worry about trenchless pipe replacement for the foreseeable future.

For quality services ranging from trenchless sewer replacement to emergency plumbing, trust only Sugar Bear Home Services. You can count on our training and experience for permanent plumbing solutions. Contact our team today and say goodbye to all your plumbing woes!

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