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When your aging sewer or water infrastructure requires an upgrade or replacement, our trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA, from Sugar Bear Home Services, provides low impact and cost-effective results.

At Sugar Bear Home Services, you get quality services from highly trained professionals at affordable rates. Here, we take a look at modern trenchless technology and why they’re the better option over traditional plumbing repair methods.

Micro Tunneling

This method is used for trenchless pipe replacement by pushing a micro tunneling boring machine through the ground with the help of a jacking system. The process is repeated until a reception shaft is achieved. More tunnel pipe is pushed from the starting shaft as the machine progresses through the entry point.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

This type of trenchless pipe repair and replacement method uses a steerable system. Horizontal Directional Drilling is applied to large-scale crossings such as rivers, where a fluid-filled pilot bore is drilled first, followed by an enlarged reamer to the size of the required pipe.

Auger Boring

This trenchless method forms a bore from a launch pit into a reception pit using a rotating cutting head. Auger boring is limited to steering capability, but technological advancements have continued to add some capacity in this regard. Additionally, auger boring is cost-effective for trenchless pipe lining for short and straight drives.

Pipe Ramming

This is a trenchless sewer replacement technique that usually involves the installation of steel pipes. A pneumatic line is used to hammer the pipe into the ground. This method is non-steerable and is commonly used across highways and rail embankments.

The reliability and capabilities of trenchless techniques have diversified over the years. Some installations which were not possible about a decade ago have now been made possible. For quality trenchless services, turn to Sugar Bear Home Services is the company to look for when you need a trenchless technology operation.

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