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Minimally Invasive

Trenchless pipe replacement or repair does not involve much digging. Therefore, we will not interfere with your landscaped lawn or driveway. We only need one entry point to do all our work, whether cleaning, inspection, or lining. This means that you will not have to schedule another landscaping appointment after we finish our work.


Though most people consider the process more expensive, it actually saves you lots of money. Since trenchless pipe repair requires minimal digging, you do not incur the expense of hiring manual laborers to dig out the lines and return them.


Simply put, less digging means faster work. Traditional repairs usually consume a lot of time digging out the lines and restoring the dirt afterward. This means you need to take some days away from your routine. However, with trenchless pipe lining, the work is reduced considerably. Therefore, you will not disrupt your routine for a long time.


The pipe we install during a trenchless sewer replacement or repair generally lasts longer than the regular metallic pipes. The cured-in-place line resists root intrusion and cracks and does not rust. Therefore, you will enjoy many years of effective drainage with minimal maintenance requirements.

With regular hydro jetting and pipe inspection, your trenchless line will keep functioning optimally. Our Sugar Bear Home Services experts perform trenchless services with utmost professionalism and care and ensure that you get efficient drainage. Talk to us today at Sugar Bear Home Services and give your San Francisco home the quality plumbing system it deserves.At Sugar Bear Home Services, we aim to give you the best plumbing solutions. That’s why when it comes to drainage and sewer lines, we offer the best trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco CA. Our select team of experts has the proper training and equipment to ensure your sewer pipes return to optimal function within hours–and we do so via minimally invasive, cost-effective, and highly-efficient trenchless methods.Let’s take a close look at the key benefits of trenchless pipe lining:

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