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Keep Food From Going Down The Drain Line

Food waste and other items in your kitchen sink could damage your plumbing. The heavy food waste does not flow through the plumbing system easily. Also, grease and oils harden your pipes, causing large blockages and serious pipe issues which may end up necessitating a trenchless pipe replacement procedure.

Use Natural Way To Clean Your Sewer

Chemical cleaners are strong to your pipes and cause them to corrode and weaken. To prevent your sewer from breaking, stick with proven maintenance methods. For the best result, only work with reputable plumbing companies for maintenance. Should compromised pipes prove to be beyond repair, take advantage of trenchless pipe repair methods as they come with a host of benefits.

Dispose Of Non-food Items Carefully

People sometimes tend to throw random objects like dental floss, rubber bands, and pull tabs into their sewer. Non-food items do not break down, so they sit there and cause blockage in your sewer system. It is important to ensure that you don’t drain foreign objects into your drains.

Schedule Regular Sewer Maintenance

Sewer maintenance helps prevent drains from clogging, which leads to the blockage that results in overflowing. Trenchless pipe lining helps maintain and restore sewer lines that have been compromised. The best thing about it is it’s a simple method that requires less time and money.

Whether you need trenchless sewer replacement or simple repairs and maintenance, you can always count on Sugar Bear Home Services Company. We deliver speedy results because you deserve nothing less. Contact us today for quality plumbing services!

Preventive drain and sewer maintenance can help homeowners avoid major sewer line issues. And as the inevitable ravages of wear and tear take their inevitable toll, the more you will need to invest in maintenance.At Sugar Bear Home Services Company, you’re sure to get quality trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA. Below are the basics of sewer maintenance that you need to remember:

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