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Sediment buildup is one of the most common water heater issues. While you may not always be aware of the signs of sediment buildup in your water heater, it’s something that you want to be mindful of. At Sugar Bear Plumbing, we encounter issues related to sediment buildup quite often when we provide water heater repair in San Francisco CA.

Below are the tell-tale signs of sediment buildup.


Leaking can have multiple causes, such as a cracked pipe. Sediment buildup is among the prevalent causes of water heater leaks. This is why you should have your water heater flushed every six months as part of your routine water heater maintenance. When you do see signs of leaks, make sure to have them checked ASAP. While leaks start small, they can quickly develop into major leaks.

Lower Water Pressure

The accumulation of sediment in your water heater can lead to a significant dip in water pressure. Again, this is an easily-preventable problem. As long as you stick to a steady maintenance schedule for your water heater. Even with a tankless water heater, sediment buildup can cause low water pressure as well as blocked pipes and leaks.

Decreased Hot Water

Sediment buildup can also affect your heater’s ability to generate hot water. Even if you turn on your unit and set it to the maximum temperature, it won’t be able to produce enough heat because of the built-up sediments. Reach out to a reputable water heater installation and repair company to ensure your unit is at peak efficiency.

Rusty Water

Rust-colored water is indicative of sediment buildup in your water heater. This happens because the layer of sediment speeds up the development of corrosion. Be warned as you may need a water heater replacement soon.

Don’t let sediment buildup damage your water heater. Make sure to have it checked as soon as you notice these signs. For first-rate water heater services, trust only Sugar Bear Plumbing. Reach out to our team today to schedule an appointment!

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