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Do your toilets get clogged frequently? While a one-time clog doesn’t mean you need to repair your sewer line right away, it may be indicative of an underlying problem that could worsen if you just leave it be.

Sewer line problems can result from leaking joints, corrosion, sagging soil lines, and tree root intrusion. Such blockages require immediate attention from licensed professional plumbers like Sugar Bear Home Services Company, the top provider of trenchless sewer repair in San Francisco, CA.

Sewerage Blockages

A blockage can cause backups in another bathroom if you flush the toilet. Clogs could divert water to other alternative routes rather than the prescribed route. The blockage is a red flag that you need trenchless pipe repair, which is much more cost-effective and less labor-intensive.

Lush Grass Patches

The sewer line is leaking if there are vibrant grass patches that are oddly different from the other grass. If the sewer line leaks, it waters and fertilizes the nearby grass or vegetation. If you neglect the situation, the ground around will become soggy and create a sinkhole. Don’t sweep this problem under the proverbial rug, lest you require a trenchless pipe replacement.

Noisy Toilets

If your toilets produce gurgling noises when not in use, there is looming sewer line damage. You should get a professional to inspect the problem and do trenchless pipe lining to repair broken pipes and clear out blockages.

Strong Odors

Compromised sewer lines that need trenchless sewer replacement, are sure to give off strong odors. If you notice unusually pungent smells in your home, make sure to contact a reputable plumber as there’s a good chance that your sewer line may already be damaged.

Don’t let damaged sewer lines make your home uninhabitable. With quick repairs, you can salvage the situation and keep it from getting worse. Contact us today at Sugar Bear Home Services for top-quality plumbing services!

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