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When it comes to water heater repair in South San Francisco, CA, few plumbing companies share the same level of expertise as Sugar Bear Home Services. We offer professional plumbing services to San Francisco and its neighboring areas at friendly prices. As a result of our vast experience, we have become the go-to plumbing company for the area’s water heater and plumbing issues.

To keep your water heater running for extended periods, you can employ certain practices that have proven to be effective over the years. Here are some of them.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection is critical if you want your water heater to serve you for years. By having regular water heater maintenance and inspections, you will be able to sniff out potential problems early on. In addition, it increases your heater’s efficiency and saves you money.

Yearly Flushing

Draining your water heater annually is essential in prolonging your water heater’s longevity. Allowing professional plumbers to clean your tanks of any sediment prevents clogging, reduces damage to your water heater, and prevents premature water heater replacement needs. By doing so, you will enhance your heater’s efficiency, which can effectively lower heating costs.

Pipe & Tank Insulation

Poor insulation could lead to burst pipes, especially during winter, even with the proper water heater installation. In addition, insulating your water heater tank offers numerous benefits, including saving you money. Seeking professional help from our company helps you reduce energy expenses since we will adequately insulate your tanks to prevent heat loss.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

By replacing your traditional heater tank with a tankless heater, you will only access hot water whenever you need it. On top of that, a tankless water heater takes less space and is less prone to the risks that often come with traditional water heater tanks.

Contact Sugar Bear Home Services Company today if you are looking for quality water heater services around South San Francisco, CA. Contact us today for insightful tips and maintenance practices to make sure your water heater runs effectively all year round!

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