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When you flush the wrong things down the toilet, that will cause a lot of problems to your water system. As a result, you would need to call Marin plumbers as trying to fix this problem yourself will make it even worse. It is a good thing we have compiled a list of all the things that you can flush down the toilet and all the things that you can’t. Take this as a learning experience so if you made a mistake in the past, you won’t have to make it again.

Things You Can Flush Down The Toilet

Human Waste

This is the main reason why we have toilets in the first place. Don’t forget to flush the toilet after each use so that the bad smell won’t build. No matter how small the human waste you put there is, you should still flush it as this is not the time to think about saving water for the future of the planet.


It is alright to brush your teeth then spit that to the toilet since that is not going to cause any harm to the overall water system. The same goes with gargling Listerine as that would make your breath smell better. As long as it is liquid, it would be safe to flush it down the toilet. However, if it is a bit acidic then don’t err too much on caution just to be safe. In this situation, you would not want to spend too much on repairs so better be cautious about the entire thing.

Things You Can't Flush Down The Toilet

Tissue Paper

It is a must to throw tissue paper into the garbage can and not down the toilet. If you do, then it is going to clog your toilet and you will experience a few problems momentarily. At first, it would be alright if it is just tiny pieces of paper. When the pieces of paper pile up, you are going to learn that it won’t be good for your toilet.

Wet Wipes

By now, you should have realized that anything solid can’t possibly be flushed down the toilet. It is never meant to be that way. Better put a sign in your comfortable room to prevent other people from committing that mistake. You would not want to pay for their mistakes so better send out a warning.

Cotton Balls

It is pretty common to think that these things are too small to cause any kind of damage to the water system. The truth is when these things pile up then the damage to your water pipes is going to be pretty bad. As a result, better avoid throwing these things into your toilet and just throw them into the waste can where they belong.


Similar to cotton balls, these things are a bit small but the problem is that they are made out of plastic. Thus, you would not want them to pile up in your water system as it will cause a big clog that you would want to get rid of as soon as possible. It would be better to avoid having bandages block the drain too because it is common to take them off while you are taking a bath.


Similarly, hair may not cause that many problems when you flush small pieces of it down the toilet. However, as the hair piles up in the water pipes, it is going to cause a huge problem later on. When that happens, the time for regretting may be a bit too late. Besides, the garbage can is just beside you for you to throw all of your hair. Better not let your hair go down the drain too as that would be terrible for the environment.

Cat Litter

Contrary to popular belief, it is not wise to flush your pet’s litter down the toilet since it contains ingredients that could potentially harm the water in the sewer. It would be better to just throw the wastes into the garbage can after wrapping them in plastic so the smell won’t bother you. From there, you can just wait for the garbage collectors to pick them up.


It is never wise to throw away expired drugs down the toilet. It is either they are expired or you changed your mind about them. It would be best to throw them at a drug take-back site so that they will somehow be recycled and you will forget about them for as long as you live. Throwing them into the toilet can cause severe problems down the road since they contain a lot of harmful ingredients.

Cigarette Butts

If you are a responsible smoker, then not only will you stay away from the other people that are near you. You must also avoid throwing your cigarette butts into the toilet since these things are considered hazardous. It would be better if you can just throw them into the garbage can. It is common to throw them into the streets but that would make the maintenance people a bit angry at you.

If you experience any type of problem with your toilet then it would be time to call Marin plumbers as they would come in with all the needed materials to fix your clogged toilet. There are many ways to do it and they would get down to the bottom of what caused the problem in the first place. They will even tell you how you can prevent the same problem from happening again in the future.

Marin plumbers are going to show up at your place on time because they want to be productive each day. The last thing they would want to happen is to keep you waiting for a few hours. It is apparent they have already encountered clogged toilets many times in the past. As a result, you would want nothing more than to just let them do their thing and avoid disturbing them while they are doing it.

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