Sewer Video Inspection W/Color DVD

Sewer Inspections Using State Of The Art Video Cameras

If you are worried about the condition of your home’s sewer line or the sewer line of a property you are planning to purchase, consider investing in a professional sewer inspection performed by the expert San Francisco sewer contractors at Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. Part of our sewer services include thorough sewer line inspections using state of the art video cameras that let you see exactly what’s going on with your sewer pipes – and we even include a color DVD to go along with the report!

Take the guessing and wondering out of your sewer line problems or concerns, and get solid, visible answers with the help of the San Francisco sewer inspection professionals at Sugar Bear Plumbing Co.

Why You Need a Sewer Video Inspection in San Francisco

Before completing or updating a home in San Francisco by re-pouring driveways, walkways (concrete or paving), retaining walls, foundations, or completing a bathroom remodeling project, homeowners need to make sure that the existing underground sewer lines are in good condition. This is especially important if the home is over 50 years old. To do this, most San Francisco sewer contractors will use a sewer video camera, like how we do at Sugar Bear Plumbing Co..

Often times the adequacy of existing water supply and underground sewer pipes aren’t accounted for by homeowners during their remodeling plans. Underground sewer lines may be at the end of their useful lives, however, after operating for over 50-60 years. So when you add bathrooms and additional appliances, you could have a major sewer problem in the works.

A good San Francisco plumber with the aid of a video camera can literally determine the condition inside the underground sewer pipe. The video camera will show you places in the sewer pipe that are cracked, broken, or clogged. They can also be used to ensure that any items that were clogging your pipes have been removed.

The sewer video camera consists of a flexible rod with a specially designed, high-resolution video camera on its tip. The video cameras for residential use are smaller, but are similar to the cameras used by cities to inspect sewer lines. The tip also has a strong LED light. Together these are inserted into the pipe for inspection. As the rod is pushed through the pipe, the waterproof camera records its progress and findings. Video images are transmitted to the camera operator and can be saved onto a videotape for a permanent record.

To learn more about our sewer inspection service and video camera results, call Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. today.

If you are looking for Sewer Inspection in San Francisco, please call us at 415-641-8568 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

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