Sewer Video Camera & Pipe Location

Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. provides state-of-the-art sewer video camera pipe location services to help you find and address sewer problems easily. Whether a commercial project or residential, such as a new driveway or pool installation or renovating your backyard, call Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. for the most efficient and cost effective method for your project. Our San Francisco sewer location experts can utilize the world’s best technology to locate and identify your underground services.

Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. carries general liability insurance and we leave the work area covered safe.

Our professional San Francisco sewer service contractors interpret and verify plans supplied by underground infrastructure owners, identify cable locations, and other major underground alerts.

After underground services have been located, it is critically important for you to excavate, using a hand-shovel, to establish the exact location of services, before mechanical excavation.


For safety’s sake, it is important to know the location of all underground services for your home BEFORE you start digging. Cutting through gas, electricity, telecom, water or sewerage lines endangers lives and the disruption to any of these essential services is expensive. So don’t take the risk – call before you Dig! Call USA DIG ALERT at 1-(800) 227-2600.

If you are looking for Sewer Video Camera and Pipe Location in San Francisco, please call us at 415-641-8568 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

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