Sewer Gas Odor

Smell Sewer Gas Odors? Call Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. Today!

When you smell sewer gas odors coming from your system, call Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. immediately to schedule service with our professional San Francisco sewer repair specialists.

What does sewer gas smell like? Usually it’s similar to rotten eggs or sulfur, and not a natural gas smell. In fact, you might think your house has been hit by a skunk or something first, before you realize it’s sewer gas.

Sewer gas is mostly methane, but when it gets mixed with other gases, it causes that rotten egg odor to permeate throughout your home. The most common cause of sewer gas odors in [main-area] is when a sink, floor drain, or toilet is not used for some time and the water trap in the drain line dries out. This can cause the sewer gas to back up into the room, and cause quite a headache!

Another cause of sewer gas odors could be the improper installation of a toilet. At Sugar Bear Plumbing Co. you can count on the San Francisco plumber we send out to provide the appropriate sewer services to tackle those sewer gas smells coming from your system. From bad toilet installations to dry traps, broken drain lines, and etc., our San Francisco sewer service specialists have the training and tools to handle it all.

If you are looking for Repairs for Sewer Gas Odor in San Francisco, please call us at 415-641-8568 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.

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