Breast Cancer Research

Why I Support Women’s Breast Cancer Research?

In my own words…. I remember it like yesterday. I received a call from my mother (Mildred Smith) late evening as I was living with my friend and her mother at the time I was about 19 years old. My mother would always call me before she went to bed she always asked me “son is you alright? Well mommy loves you, why you stay away from home we miss you” this was her every night calling to let me know that she was concern about me. Until that one day she called and I drop everything and ran home. I didn’t know what to expect because she said it was an emergency and that was enough for me to get there as quick as possible to find out what’s wrong. Then she pulled up in front of the house with Ms Paula, Paula was a friend of the family. My mother hopped out and Paula yelled "Nuke, come here." Nuke is a nickname giving to me growing up as a kid back in Mississippi. So I sat down in her car and she began to talk to me about my mother's future. She said, "I need you to step up to be a young man and take on the responsibility of helping your mother and help raise your younger brothers" ( Phillip-12, Malcolm-10, & Clyde-9). I said ok but is anything wrong? She starting tearing and said your mother couldn’t tell you, the reason why I’m telling you. She was diagnose with breast cancer. I didn’t know what breast cancer was so I said ok she going to be ok or what? Chances are she will your mother is very strong. Now look it, my mother was a young beautiful lady she was 40 yrs old at the time. After Ms Paula and I conversation. My mother walk out and I open the door and gave her my biggest and strongest hug and told her we will fight this together and win. Three months later she died. My older sister came out here from Mississippi to help raise the boys and they all graduated from high school never been arrested an all three living on their own. I became a plumbing contractor and my sister raising her own family. So this is my story. This deadly disease took the life of my mother and I speak for all of us. Till this day we steal morn her death…R.I.P March 14, 1956 – May 18, 1998. God is Great!!!

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